#1ForArt2ForCause (eBook)

Cross Roads: Pick a Path tells the journey of a young man by the name of Arrun Durai. Arrun had his life all figured out. A beautiful girl, the picture-perfect family, and his favourite job. Although life wouldn’t be all that great without challenges. His greatest form of challenge came following the death of a loved one, which ultimately sent his life into a spiral of events. Take a dive into finding out how a common software engineer from Toronto, Canada ended up being a part of a notorious criminal organization in Chennai, India. 

As a means of using art to do better in the world, I am trying to create a movement called #1ForArt2ForCause. Where I will be taking a dollar for credit of writing this novel, and donating two dollars to a charity called Pencils of Promise. I will leave a little founding story of how Pencils of Promise came to below have a read and participate if you would like. 

“Pencils of Promise is a for-purpose (as opposed to a non-profit) organization that builds schools, trains teachers, and funds scholarships. It started when founder Adam Braun asked a boy on the streets in India what he wanted most. His answer was “a pencil.” Adam went on to give out thousands of pens and pencils to children in over fifty countries over the next five years, before starting Pencils of Promise.

Pencil of Promise is different from most charities in that it mixes a humanitarian purpose with a smart business approach to ensure there’s a great ROI on every dollar spent. It funds its operations through financial support from private donors, events, and companies. This means that 100% of the money donated to Pencils of Promise goes directly towards helping the children in the countries the charity works in. The charity also stays behind once the schools it builds are finished, to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. The charity works with local communities to come up with curriculum and programs.”

If you would support, click the link below.