Rise From Struggle

Three years, it has been three years since I have decided to to sit behind a computer and write something publicly. It was 2013 when I first decided to sit and write a little rant, I had no clue that people would actually read something I wrote. Why? Well because growing up I was always given some pretty horrible grades in my English classes. Man did those teachers ever bring me down, oddly enough where teachers failed me, my peers raised a different level of inner confidence. I wrote and continued to write for a few years. Blog posts, online publications, and even a novel. I was doing something special, I was fulfilling a dream of becoming a storyteller.

In the year 2016 I published a novel titled, “Cross Roads: Pick a Path.” A story about a common man, rising to the occasion in the midst of struggle with his inner demons. I did not know it then, but I guess I was foretelling my mental state three years later. The year now is 2019, I have put off publishing a sequel for three years. I shoved my dreams to a side so that I can work a common job to pay bills just as everyone else probably does. In the midst of all this completely lost touch to the person who I once was. Lost some friends, lost beliefs, lost a sense of being.

I start Yen Kathai (Translates to: My Story) as a means of rediscovering myself. I will continue to rant, share some short stories, and my future publications. This post marks a step in getting my dream back on track. So if you wish, follow along because I have some stories to tell you.

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