A Failed Novel

Believe me writing a novel is probably one of my biggest accomplishments in life, one I am proud of and will forever be proud of.

Yet, there is a reason why I have not published anything in the past three years. I could have done a far better job with my first novel. How could I though? Sure you learnt creative writing during early stages of education, but no one taught me to be a writer or an author for that matter.

I am putting my first novel down quite a bit, but do not get me wrong. I still feel the story is there and it is a great one. I believe that strongly and that is what led to my depression. Every day for the past three years, I have put on a face and walked out into a world of people blended in with them, acting their way, knowing I don’t want to do this.

What left me so demoralized? Well, the answer is my strong belief in a story I wrote. It has taken me three years to filter and understand gaps. After writing my novel I always wondered hey I thought more people would read this, I didn’t think I would have to message a ton of people asking to share because everyone is amazing and they will help me through this.

*Side Note* there are quite a few amazing people that helped me through the process of writing my first novel and even after I published as well and I am forever grateful to them.

But to the others, I owe an apology, I expected the entire world to come out and support, but now I understand something. Not everyone loves to read; people like to read good quality content; you can’t just say the same thing over and over and expect it to get out to the world. Honestly speaking I am showcasing a lot of my flaws for one reason, and that is in the case there are other creative souls out there beating themselves over why their work isn’t reaching their audience. Be patient, be patient with the process of exposure as you were during the process of creation.

I will publish my second novel at some point this year, the novel that I have written, deleted and re-written three times over the past three years. But not before I pay someone to edit it, not before I pay to create cover art, not before I pay someone to format the book. Most importantly not before I build a platform of readers who are interested in reading my work.

But in the meantime, I will at some point within seven day period release the first portion of my short story titled, “What If I don’t remember.” This story will revolve around Aadhi who has lost the ability to make new memories. His last collection of thoughts was celebrating his birthday with a number of his friends, and getting into an argument with a few strangers outside a Toronto Club.

3 thoughts on “A Failed Novel

  1. hey! I just discovered your blog, I completely understand where you’re coming from. You never put anything out there unless you’re proud of it, and all you want is for it to reach more people, whether they like it or not, you simply want them to read it. There’s a lot of writers and even content creators who will tell you that they’re so glad their first pieces of work didn’t reach the eyes of everyone because it forced them keep working on their craft and what they create now is beyond what they thought they were ever capable of. You are absolutely right, we just have to be patient, and we must never stop writing 🙂 Good luck!

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    1. Thanks Vidhya! Little things like this definitely motivates me to continue working on my craft so I appreciate you taking the time to write this!

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