Strive to Inspire

When I started to write, it was not supposed to be just about me. It was about something more significant. Five years ago I wrote a rant on Facebook, and that is what set everything in motion to date. Now that rant I wrote was about making a difference.

Growing up in a South Asian household I understand the amount of pressure someone can be under to follow society’s models of what success looks like. Now I tried to do something different and gave up on myself. When I committed to working again, I made a promise to myself that this time around I will help inspire a few others.

That said I am just in the beginning stages of course-correcting a dream, and I started this blog to set my aspirations in motion. As for a second step, I will be doing a giveaway for a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet on Instagram during some point this week (I will leave a link to view the product below). The reasoning behind this, and I am not going to lie to you, is a means of drawing more readers, but there is a more important notion of providing the tools for aspiring creative individuals out there.

My contribution will be for everyone to have a fair opportunity to win this drawing tablet. However, I hope whoever wins makes good use of it, or gifts it to a friend or family member that will make use of it. I hope to continue doing giveaways like this down the road because I want to keep providing tools for people to discover or re-discover their talents. So expect to continue seeing this.

Hope to share the details of the giveaway soon, so stay connected!

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