*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past*

Far from here in a small village sits a girl on the front steps to her small home, covered in her homely saree, with the bottom of her feet gently touched by the quiet sand, with her elbow rested on her knees, gazing up with her head towards the stunning night sky just wondering whether there’s something better waiting for her in times to come. You see her life wasn’t chosen, she didn’t choose to live in a small village in some third world country, she didn’t choose to be born into a poor family, and she most defiantly didn’t wish to be limited to her opportunities but she has learned to live with what she was given. She too dreams of boundless fortune, to reside in a huge house, for the well being of her family, a chance at getting a advanced education but that choice is something she can only wish for.

Living in a westernized part of the world we have often drifted away from even having a second of thought about how people live in other parts of the planet. Why care for how people live when you’re living a great lifestyle though right? Wrong! These days we neglect the fact that it could have been you or me living in a third world country, without the compulsory instruments to triumph. So lets take a moment and think about the people living in a struggling part of the world because when comparing their lives to ours we would probably trigger a curiosity as to how they ever find the capability to put a smile on their faces. The true difference between people living in a village atmosphere and people living in a westernized society is that villagers live through all their struggles and have learnt the meaning of true happiness. They desire the same things we do; they want travel, drive fancy cars, wear nice clothes, and live in a big house but living away from westernized media control they’ve learned to live with what they have. For an individual living in a struggling environment levels of greed is radically less in contrast to that of ours which results in an amplified thankfulness towards what they actually have.

I have often sat on the steps to my home and stared at the night sky myself; in faiths of someone being out there, someone far beyond the skies who’s looking over me; who will soon bless me with all my dreams. Then it hit me, who am I to wish for someone to make my dreams come true when my parents made the ultimate sacrifice in coming to a first world country to gift me with the tools to make my dreams come true. That village girl sitting there with a aspiration to live a higher standard life doesn’t have or maybe never will have the opportunities I have right now; this is when I should realize that opportunity has been knocking at my door since my moment of existence and its on me to finally open that door.

That girls dreams may never come true because her future is probably already set in stone, she probably has already stopped attending school because her priorities are probably in learning how to successfully raise family and that’s not just because I’m saying so, its because that is the way of life in such parts of the world and she’ll probably be married off at an age where she can have many children. We living in a western world believe that a woman doesn’t get married at a young age anymore but that’s actually still the case for woman of poor families. Women are still sent off to raise a household at a young age, sentenced to locking up their life long dreams and yes maybe there isn’t anything we can do about that or maybe there is but what we should take from such people’s lives is that unlike them we actually have a chance, a chance to make a dream reality; so instead of sitting around waiting for an inspiration why not become your own inspiration.

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