False World

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past*

We live in a world formed on complete bullshit. All of us are born into and grow old enclosed by lies raised to believe as the truth. I’m very puzzled as to if history is my most favoured class or the one I dread the most. The reason being learning history in high school I believed its just one of those annoying classes I had to get out of the way, but now after growing a little bit older and maturing, I’ve started to realize that history as we’re taught it is complete nonsense; it’s just another form of propaganda. We, as a human species, have the dominance to revolt and start an uprising that can change the way the world works, but why don’t we? Is it because we’re lazy or is it just because we don’t care. It’s tremendously disappointing that we would rather be puppets to the system and conform to the principles of the government and media. Truth is we are all raised by history; every single aspect of our belief is restricted to what history wants us to believe.

Growing up, I’ve heard a few of my teachers tell the entire class that governments train us to become what they want. A lot of you who have listened to this probably thought about it for a few minutes and then just shrugged it off. Not me, I always think about it over and over again; even till this very day. I’m irritated at the thought that a system has complete control over what I’ll do and become. I wasn’t born into this world to be restricted by someone else, what gives these individuals the authority of advanced control over me. I thought slavery was abolished, but, I don’t comprehend how slavery is eliminated when the government still resumes slavery in a more devious form. The reason I call history a form of propaganda is because there should be no doubt that the way an event of history is re-told in one nation will be completely different in another; the truth will never be told to everyone. I’m not taking away from the great leaders we have learned about as children, as they have accomplished many things but that doesn’t mean I won’t consider the fact that there are probably hundreds and thousands of other heroic people whose stories will remain forever untold. What about those of you reading this right now, I’m sure many of you believe that’ll you one day will be remembered by the entire world and bask in all the glory. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but it’s just better to face the fact that in the long existence of the human species every individual probably dreamed of being remembered; only to be recognized by loved ones as just a memory. Those of you who disagree with me, prove me wrong, show me something that’ll make me believe that you’ve accomplished something worth remembering you for a lifetime beyond mines.

I can only dream that this world can raise individuals who aren’t altered by false history. All you history buffs can hate me for insulting history as we know it, but I don’t give a damn…and you know why cause neither you nor I were there to witness it unfold first hand. I will not accept what I’ve been taught as history because I know its nonsense that will be told differently in another part of the world. Our world needs to be fixed, and a revolution is required, one that is said the same way throughout the globe by every individual. Until that day comes, I’d like to believe that I’m from another universe and living in this cruel world is a punishment for my sins because, “Hell is empty, and all devils are here.”

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