Imprisoned Behind Four Walls

*This is a recycled post from my past writing”

The biggest problem we face today is that we are constrained. We are imprisoned behind four walls, and we avoid noticing it. Have you ever found yourself looking at some people and wondering how they’re so pleased? It’s because they don’t restrict themselves within a box. They know that there is no delight in being like every other individual. The fact of the matter is that ordinary people are tedious and aren’t going to lead an enthusing life. It has to be considered by every individual that there is a world beyond the box they reside in and it isn’t so difficult to get out of that box neither. The concern here is that society has raised us to become sluggish in modern days, we feel like we don’t need to think for ourselves cause we’ve got all the vital necessities of life already covered for us. We are enclosed by individuals who do work for us, we have things to make every component of being comfortable, and all its doing is taking away from our creativity. We live life failing to recognize, and that’s just human nature.

Our generation tends taking granted of our parents; we have grown the easy way. We don’t value the things we are blessed with even though we realize many around the globe don’t have the blessing. Instead, many of us are financed, fed, clothed, and granted with a welcomed roof to live under; so why would we want to do anything right? This is the first problem right here! This is that initial stage where we start to feel like we don’t need to do anything, that instigating moment where that first wall is put up.

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but as an individual on the verge of entering my twenties, I’ve started to realize that there is an alternative world beyond the horizon. On a long car ride, I look straight down the road and realize that far beyond that road, there are new people, new buildings, unique customs and more to discover. This past year I’ve been building a rapidly growing desire to travel around the world. I grew up living in the same neighbourhood for sixteen years, and I’ve always thought that I would never want to leave my home, then I started to enlighten myself about aggressively acquiring knowledge about more beyond the norm I’m used to. As an individual growing up in a neighbourhood, you grow attached, and you don’t want to leave. I’ve noticed this in a lot of people I’ve talked to (friends and family) about travelling, they feel comfortable at home and don’t want to bother going to another place. I think that they can’t be more wrong! I preach that every individual should grow an attachment towards travelling the world, learn about new cultures, observe the ways other individuals live out their lives, try new food, see new places; enlighten yourself to another world as you may figure out who you are! Once people restrict themselves to a small and acquainted world, the second wall is constructed.

Social Networking has wrecked us. I’m such a hypocrite because I love using all these social networking sites regularly, but given the opportunity for it to be shut down completely; I’d side with it. I think the use of social networking has become one of the primary reasons why people don’t understand anything about themselves. Due to social networking, people have forgotten the attraction of actual communication, every sort of relationship seems like it’s a monthly maintenance. When we haven’t spoken to a friend in a month or two, we message them on Facebook and consider that as catching up, which is completely idiotic. I’ve been continuously repeating in my notes about how people don’t know who they are because they are conforming to the norms of society; if you think about it, social networking plays an immense influence in that. I mean we’re on a site like Facebook being able to view conversations people have, sharing things that another individual thinks is interesting, we are even bombarded with advertising by the major corporations of the country to catch our attention. Our attention span is being depleted, and we don’t acknowledge that it’s genuinely sad. On that note, the third wall is raised.

You may not have noticed it, but that fourth wall was always there, always there and transparent; permitting you to walk out and discover your creative side. We sit in front of that open wall and stare at the other three, satisfied but nowhere else to go. We don’t move the slightest bit and stare at three walls all while there is a transparent wall behind us open to a world filled with thousands of unique creative concepts remaining to be discovered. We are limited by us alone, even when all that is essential to break free is a look around.

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