Life Is A Blame Game

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past*

Some days are never easy as thoughts kidnap the mind, overthinking the past, present and future. Life is most definitely an unexpected journey to all, so when life shows you a path you take it. Growing up I wouldn’t have expected any moment that has occurred to this date, the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone; nothing was foreseen. Once you’re about to hit your twenties you take a look back at your life and evaluate yourself about the quarter that has passed; sometimes you wonder where things went wrong, but sometimes you just acknowledge the fact that these events define you and there is nothing a person could say that would take away from who you are.  Being a guy from the Tamil community raised in Canada I’ve seen the way of a life, a life frowned upon by society. Though its easy to judge ones actions for the negativity its very rare to applaud their fight along a hard path. It has become very common in our present society for an individual of Tamil background to get into a life induced in drugs and alcohol, resorting to violence for solutions, and to sit in the back of a cruiser with cuffs locking wrist. Nothing is appealing about that life, but sometimes it’s the only way to go. It’s very easy for one to preach saying so and so could have chosen another path, but truth is once you take a step in its real hard to turn back without learning a lesson.

Though people on the outside see this way of life for its negatives, people within it see it in another light. Though this way of life is probably more likely to be avoided some within it see it as a challenge.  Growing up as a kid in elementary school playing with your friends during recess was the easy time in life some of us still dream of getting back, and during those times in elementary school we never even took a moment to think about the challenges that are awaiting because were so absorbed in the easy life so we just happen to feel that it’ll last forever.  Who’s to forget those words our parents constantly preached to us to make us aware of the types of things we may get introduced to in high school; but that doesn’t change a thing when we become the people that our parents warned us about. When the time comes and we hit high school we set ourselves on different paths, many you once knew will take another path in comparison to your choice, and some tag along on the same path as yourself. Being a individual absorbed in this life style means there is lots to sacrifice, you’ll lose friends, you’ll tend to distance yourself from your parents, you’ll notice of a drastic hit in your performance at school, and there will always be a high chance of risking your future. However what is rarely noticed is the amount you learn about yourself and the society that revolves around you. To the people who chose this way of life, the people they meet become a family and they’re in no way different from anyone else, they like to hangout, joke around with one another, share thoughts, and make memories together. Sure, they do commit mistakes that put themselves along with others in danger at times, but many shouldn’t just put them in the negative light because as humans we are all very much capable of mistakes. 

Through observations of individuals amongst my age group in our present day society I’ve taken to notice that it has become extremely easy to label a person without actually knowing them. Judging an individual has became a commonality amongst many these days, and the people who get it the worst are those who maybe smoke some weed, get into fights, and who have maybe occasionally gotten arrested. Why are they to be the most frowned upon, well it is because we as a society have created an achieved image of who is a menace. Apparently these individuals are the ONLY ones who are responsible for the loss of humanity in our world, when truly that isn’t the case. It’s just much more easier for people to blame individuals of this certain lifestyle because their actions are more easily noticed. We hardly take time to notice the negative impacts that big corporations, governments, and false medias create; it’s not that it goes under our nose and we don’t notice the negative impacts but, it’s more like we chose to identify and blame the small actions because we don’t have the courage to question a bigger problem.

In no way am I supporting in saying that a life with drugs, violence, and a criminal record is to be promoted but sometimes we need to consider that this may be just another way of learning from mistakes. Youth criminals are really put down by society but sometimes we fail to recognize that they’re in the midst of a time in their life where they begin to see life for its true colours. Some people decide to take the hard path and though their image takes a hit when they don’t care for what society thinks of them and they continue along their path, they’re striving to become someone better; and that’s all that humanity really needs, an attempt at being a better person even if it comes at the cost of hard learning process. I myself have witnessed many individuals who have taken such a path and now strive to be someone in life, not for how they look from someone else’s eyes but for a personal satisfaction when they look in the mirror and are able to absorb a journey well travelled. My only request is that next time you decide to judge someone and say they’re going nowhere in life you may want to wait a few years and see how much of a difference it could make; because time changes everything.

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