Politics Everywhere

*This is a recycled post I wrote from the past*

By now we have become accustomed to a world ran by politics and whether we have a choice or not, politics run our everyday life as well.  This piece wasn’t written to bash the corrupt governments we currently live with but instead to tell you the truth behind one of the biggest factors of our lives.  Friends come in diversity, and they are the family that we selectively choose. Some have big groups of friends, whereas others may refrain from that and have a small group but at the end of the day politics amongst friends cannot be refuted, it will always existent.  You see your group of friends form its own government, and within your government there are different political parties. Take a moment and contemplate the friends you border yourselves with and tell me that that no matter how big or small your group of friends are there is still someone(s) that you favour over the others. I guarantee that no one can deny it and say they don’t favour anyone, because you would just be lying to yourself. If you haven’t considered as to why it happens I’ve got a two opinions (probably the most important) laid down that we can take a look through.

First comes the amount of time spent with one another, some friends see each other more often and some make the time to see each other. Anytime people spend time together they are given the opportunity to become closer, sharing memories, personal opinions, sharing news (occasionally about other individuals), and learn more about each other’s person lives. It isn’t possible to be in the same political group when you hardly see a friend even though some can make it work. In majority situations though when you don’t know much about another individual besides some collective memories you wont gain that same appreciation for one another as a member of the same political group would share.

Next is the base foundation of a friendship, which stems from trust; if you aren’t able to trust a friend there’s a separation in which political group you belong to. When you’re able to tell another person everything on your mind they become a part of your political group. You may even have people in your political circles who you go to only speak about certain topics, because you feel their opinions won’t contradict yours. There are some scenarios where individuals are tested for their allegiance, which also has a factor in determining trust/loyalty. The concept of trust/loyalty is usually gained through actions, because actions do speak louder than words. I personally am not sure how it goes for girls but for most guys it’s pretty straight forward as to what’s expected, which is to be able to look back and see the person(s) you trust to be behind your actions or to be able to share a secret and expect it not to be told to another individual.

The purpose of this wasn’t to make you think about your group of friends and who you can trust, but to show you that corruption is present even amongst friends. At the end of the day just know that your government is ready to go to war with another even though there may be different opinions from political groups within. Politics isn’t fun at all, but it’s something we’ll have to deal with for the rest of our lives, better to be aware that politics live amongst friends than to think everyone is to be dependable with everything.

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