Taking a Chance

*A recycled post I wrote in the past*

Picture yourself walking lonesome in a never-ending vacant desert with food and water to only last a day; your journey thus far has just been mediocre, yet you wonder if its possible to be more satisfied. Some how you managed to ration your supply of food and water for a span of four days but knowing now that you’ve got no food or water you become more impatient. After days of walking you start becoming less content with where you stand, famished and desperate for just a drop of water you wish for a way out of the desert. After another hour of walking you come to a rest in complete shock, in the far distance you see a scenic tropical view with large amounts of fresh water and an abundant amount of fruit trees to fill you for months. In delight you briskly begin walking towards it only to be stopped with a complete blow. Right when you think you’ve got what you wished for you come to an unfortunate realization that your wish won’t be coming true so effortlessly. Between you and that wish stands a gap at the edge of the cliff, standing between you and your wish is a complete fall to death. So would you do it? Would you take the leap considering the fact that you may perhaps fail miserably?

A leap of faith is an opportunity infrequently pondered by many because in most case scenarios an individual only fears for the worst. What is ignored by many is that sometimes risk can result in reward and a leap of faith is a worthy route. Take myself for example, a few of you reading this may know that I have been writing for a few months now, but what you don’t know is that I’ve sat on the edge of the cliff writing for sometime now. There has been a numerous amount of days where I would look over the cliff and contemplate with myself of whether I should share these writings. What if people don’t accept my opinions? It took me a while, but I came to an understanding that I can’t spend more days looking over the cliff just to regret it someday. So I took my leap of faith disregarding what the result may be and to my fulfilment I landed on the other side of the cliff. It set me on course for believing in myself more; these days I spend most of my openings taking that leap of faith in hopes of touching ground on the other side, something more individuals should do!

Many complications presented to us by life can be solved by just taking the leap of faith; lets take a mutual challenge for example. Say if you had always loved another individual but have never grown the self-confidence to express yourself to them. The leap of faith is the only answer to all your questions; yes there is a chance that you’ll fall between the gap and not reach the reward but maybe that’s exactly what you needed. Maybe you falling between that gap will be what made you realize that you should find the courage to move on.  

Throughout our lives we unremittingly take that leap of faith, sometimes those leaps are the size of small cracks so we hardly realize it, but when it comes to the big jump we hold ourselves back. Though the jump may seem frightening and there is always going to be a risk in you not reaching your reward; you failing at the big jump doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make the fall benefit you. Who knows, maybe there is something better waiting for you at the bottom of that fall.  So take three steps back and run with all your force with intentions of attaining your reward or just stay there and stare at the gap filling yourself with ideas of what could be.

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