Terrors of Fear

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past*

Always scratching and prowling fear attempts to triumph the human mind. More than everything we come across our lives fear has the capability to make truth blind, danger near, and dilemmas impossible to overcome. It’s in our instincts to fear every course of action, whether the results will favour us or tear ourselves apart.

We constantly allow fear to pile up and get stronger when we don’t know the true facts behind the reasons to our fear, its actually surprising how much knowledge can dramatically assassinate the fear that lashes our souls. The problem with human constitutions is that we easily credit thoughts depicted as truth to pass, we just need to hear it from a few references or even just one and suddenly it’s the undeniable truth. False evidence presented as being the truth can without a doubt be defined as the backbone to fear.  

Even when in danger we acknowledge fear, for fear is what we chose to experience in such a moment of life or death. Life doesn’t always present itself with dangerous situations, but life isn’t one to give you a warning; danger can be gifted at any second of your life and it will inevitably be retrieved with open arms by fear. Why do a preponderance of people fail when presented with danger? Fear, it sinks deep into ones mind and every thought and effort will be a consequence of fear. In the rarity of life it’s very hard to find an individual who’ll be able to see danger for a composed situation. Actions committed in fear while in a situation of danger in most cases result in ones downfall. What fear does is release chemicals which stimulate thoughts for us to question the severity of danger; fear has the capacity to present false evidence as grave danger.

Dilemmas on dilemmas make the fear grow stronger, and when dilemma strikes fear has the power to make us question our own capabilities. Walls of imagination are built as if they were assembled with the strength of stone and we fear of not being able to break it down.  Dilemmas contrast, and as it should so do the level of fear that goes along with it. For every type of dilemma there is an equivalent amount of fear, but at times fear gets so indulged into ones mind that even the smallest of walls built to represent dilemmas are raised to the elevation of skyscrapers. Fear is supported by falsified lies that leave behind cracks in walls, but unfortunately we get so suffocated by fear that we become blind to the cracks and aren’t capable to see them as opportunities to obliterate the dilemmas.

Whether it be any form of a soul that drifts the universe, fear will eternally have first hand in the ability to deteriorate one’s soul. The only cure to fear is truth, when one elects to face truth and acknowledge it in contradiction to the lies they inherit the ability to make fear suffocate. Unfortunately it’s a cure even in the 21st century that we still fail to find though it has always been around buried beneath false evidence.

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