The Moment

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past*

I’ve grown to become very fond of Twitter as people are allowed to share their thoughts and express concerns on their mind. I’ve been a consistent user of this form of social networking for approximately seven years now, and I’ve come to realize a lot about people of whom I follow. I have noticed that some people aren’t happy with problems that occur to them and they usually allow those problems to get to their heads. If I think back, I too was like this always over-thinking every aspect of my life till I realized that me overthinking a problem is not going to solve it. I feel it’s the downfall to many young minds, and they overthink every little issue which in the end takes away from the beauty of life.

When I think back now, I consider how ridiculous I was concerning myself with such unnecessary disputes. I was putting myself down and for what reason? All I did was tear my mind and soul and wear myself out to the point where I have to consider my purpose. Then one day I had an epiphany, I began to realize that I am putting forth too much of my concerns to issues, and not considering those moments I should indulge myself in. So I changed my ways, I began to live life for every moment and second of my life, things got brighter and fast. It is quite amazing how you see being for every second your granted rather than raise concerns over past, present, and future.

Problems that I have faced maybe nothing compared to that of yours, but living in the moment creates the same result for us both. It is very commonly thrown around that it’s the little things in life that matter the most and many of us trick ourselves into believing that we take in the little things of life, but do we? We all wish for a life filled without issues but who is really to blame for our problems other than ourselves. I mean we continuously think and think for what, we’re burning our mind erasing it of what could be a library filled with great memories. It is up to ourselves to find those great moments and realize them, and in doing so, we create no reason to overthink our problems. Life will be seen in a better way if you choose to live it for every moment and deal with issues as they arise. I’m not saying a problem should be neglected. What I’m preaching is that we should deal with the point when it arrives. Deal with an issue and leave it in the past and make it a moment, after a problem is resolved, it is an extraordinary moment itself. Don’t allow yourself to think that an issue of the past will concern you in the future; there is no point in us considering tomorrow to forget living today.

To friends, family, and strangers, I say this is the way to live your lives without regrets.

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