Cross Roads: Pick a Path

Sometimes when everything is going the right way, it is easy to get comfortable. Whether it was his fault or not, that is exactly what happened to Arrun Durai. A orphaned kid from Chennai, India who went on to be adopted and raised by an independent woman in Toronto, Canada. He grew up alongside a few other kids, also orphaned children from India.

Soon followed a great education, a steady job as a software engineer, and the girl. Hasini Ravichandran, his sister Rohini’s friend from college. The type of woman that will catch all attention in the room. His first real relationship, and one that he thought he would have the opportunity to cherish for the rest of his life.

Cross roads often come at the most unexpected points in ones life. Just as it did for Arrun when Hasini suddenly parted ways from his life. Sending him into a whirlwind of unexpected changes. Drug and alcohol abuse became a part of his life which eventually led to the night he came across Marona Duranji, a notorious leader of a criminal organization based out of India. In a blink of an eye, a common software engineer found himself back home in India, but as a member of the criminal world.




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