The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past* Turn back and look at my life and damn it’s been a hell of a rollercoaster ride thus far. I’m only heading into the twenties of my life now, and I can without a doubt say I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. […]

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False World

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past* We live in a world formed on complete bullshit. All of us are born into and grow old enclosed by lies raised to believe as the truth. I’m very puzzled as to if history is my most favoured class or the one I dread the […]

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Imprisoned Behind Four Walls

*This is a recycled post from my past writing” The biggest problem we face today is that we are constrained. We are imprisoned behind four walls, and we avoid noticing it. Have you ever found yourself looking at some people and wondering how they’re so pleased? It’s because they don’t restrict themselves within a box. […]

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The Moment

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past* I’ve grown to become very fond of Twitter as people are allowed to share their thoughts and express concerns on their mind. I’ve been a consistent user of this form of social networking for approximately seven years now, and I’ve come to realize a lot […]

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Strive to Inspire

When I started to write, it was not supposed to be just about me. It was about something more significant. Five years ago I wrote a rant on Facebook, and that is what set everything in motion to date. Now that rant I wrote was about making a difference. Growing up in a South Asian […]

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Yaavagam Illati Enna (What If I Don’t Remember)

The morning after a night of wild partying can never be fun. That sharp pain throbbing your head. Attempting at all will to piece together the events that took place the night before. But what if the thoughts of the previous night and all that happened before is all that remains. What if you are told all events that take place from here on out will erase the moment you go to bed and get up in the morning.

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A Failed Novel

Believe me writing a novel is probably one of my biggest accomplishments in life, one I am proud of and will forever be proud of. Yet, there is a reason why I have not published anything in the past three years. I could have done a far better job with my first novel. How could […]

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Rise From Struggle

Three years, it has been three years since I have decided to to sit behind a computer and write something publicly. It was 2013 when I first decided to sit and write a little rant, I had no clue that people would actually read something I wrote. Why? Well because growing up I was always […]

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