The Journey Back

Writing is a great way to break relief of all the darkness that consumes you. However to put it out in public for everyone to read, consume, and judge…it takes a lot. Anyways let me get right to it. I believe I am someone that suffers from anxiety, and depression. I have never sat down […]

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Taking a Chance

*A recycled post I wrote in the past* Picture yourself walking lonesome in a never-ending vacant desert with food and water to only last a day; your journey thus far has just been mediocre, yet you wonder if its possible to be more satisfied. Some how you managed to ration your supply of food and […]

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Life Is A Blame Game

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past* Some days are never easy as thoughts kidnap the mind, overthinking the past, present and future. Life is most definitely an unexpected journey to all, so when life shows you a path you take it. Growing up I wouldn’t have expected any moment that has […]

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Terrors of Fear

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past* Always scratching and prowling fear attempts to triumph the human mind. More than everything we come across our lives fear has the capability to make truth blind, danger near, and dilemmas impossible to overcome. It’s in our instincts to fear every course of action, whether […]

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The Moment

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past* I’ve grown to become very fond of Twitter as people are allowed to share their thoughts and express concerns on their mind. I’ve been a consistent user of this form of social networking for approximately seven years now, and I’ve come to realize a lot […]

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