The Journey Back

Writing is a great way to break relief of all the darkness that consumes you. However to put it out in public for everyone to read, consume, and judge…it takes a lot. Anyways let me get right to it. I believe I am someone that suffers from anxiety, and depression. I have never sat down […]

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A Failed Novel

Believe me writing a novel is probably one of my biggest accomplishments in life, one I am proud of and will forever be proud of. Yet, there is a reason why I have not published anything in the past three years. I could have done a far better job with my first novel. How could […]

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Rise From Struggle

Three years, it has been three years since I have decided to to sit behind a computer and write something publicly. It was 2013 when I first decided to sit and write a little rant, I had no clue that people would actually read something I wrote. Why? Well because growing up I was always […]

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