Yaavagam Illati Enna (Preview)

The morning after a night of wild partying can never be fun. That sharp pain throbbing your head, attempting at all will to piece together the events that took place the night before. But what if the thoughts of the previous night and everything that happened before is all that remains. What if you are told all events that take place from here on out will erase the moment you go to bed and wake up from your sleep.

Summer of the year 2018 was in full swing, Aathi celebrating his birthday in the wild clubs of downtown Toronto was having a blast. Preethi, his girlfriend that he has been dating for the past two years, continuously called his phone in hopes of trying to figure out where Aathi was, who he was with. Maybe he would have been better off answering her call, but it was his birthday and he wanted to spend the night out with his boys, and to him, that meant spending the night with his boys away from his relationship.

Aathi had a quick glance at his phone and tucked it back in his pocket and turned towards his cousin Bala.

“Let’s go for a smoke bro,” said Aathi.

“Yeah. I’ll go grab the others. They were asking me earlier,” responded Bala.

Aathi headed outside the club and puffed away at his cigarette while waiting for his friends. The club was nearing closing time, and groups of people were starting to gather outside the club as they began to find their ways home.

As Bala brought the rest of the guys outside the club he accidentally bumped into a group of guys who seemed to be looking for some trouble.

“Are you blind idiot,” shouted one amongst the group.

“Sorry my dude, I’m just a bit tipsy that’s all.” Chuckled Bala.

The group of individuals didn’t think it was all that amusing from their point of view, they were quick to raise hands. Aathi noticed the dispute and ran in trying to break things up, but as one of the individuals swung a fist at Bala, Aathi himself got into the scuffle. Attention was being drawn, and soon the fight seemed to break out into the streets holding up traffic. Strangers in the surrounding area started to get in between and break up the fight. Just as things seemed to calm down, out came an individual with a brass knuckle to his hand.

Just a simple scuffle, but within seconds Aathi had his life take a turn towards the worst. As blood gushed to the ground, siren sounds neared. Bala stood over his cousin screaming for help. The opposite group started to flee fearing the worst. Bala continued to call for some assistance as Aathi began to lose consciousness, bleeding from his head.

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