Yaavagam Illati Enna (Preview)

Life has a way of working its own course. The most tragic events in life are those that are unexpected. A deep sickening feel of emotion from within causing life’s trajectory to turn in a completely new direction.

The time almost was around 3:30am as Bala and Aathi’s parents sat patiently waiting in the emergency room to find out the condition of their loved one. The emergency room filled with silence and chaos, as Aathi’s mother could not stop but cry continuously. Bala bared the guilt, maybe if he had been more careful nothing would have happened. Aathi’s father Senthil one to always keep his head helmed him high sat with his head dropped to the ground wondering if his only child was going to be okay.

As time continued to pass, hope seemed to be losing grasps with Aathi’s life on the line.

“Could we get the family of Aathi Senthil to the desk please,” spoke a voice over the public address system.

Dr. Natalie Hemsworth, the on duty doctor that night did not seem to have the most hopeful face bared to her face as she led the family to her office.

“Have a seat, please,” spoke Dr. Natalie as the family remained standing.

“My name is Bala, I am Aathi’s cousin. These are his parents,” responded Bala.

“Please take a seat. I need to go over a few things with you,” urged Dr. Natalie. Bala continued to stand as Mr. and Mrs. Senthil slowly had a seat knowing things weren’t heading in the right direction.

Okay, first and foremost the trauma to Aathi’s head was substantial. I want to first clear the air a little bit and tell you all he is going to make it. He did have a ton of blood loss, and that is due to the alcohol he had in his system. Also, judging by what was reported, it seems like Aathi was just hit once to the head with the brass knuckles and normally that would not affect an individual this much, but the force of impact has caused some damage to his brain. Judging by some preliminary reports it does seem like Aathi will have a case of anterograde amnesia. This rare case of amnesia normally means he will have memory of past events, but it is most likely that he will be unable to form new ones. He is yet to be conscious, so we do not know to what extents the amnesia has impacted him. I will let you guys be alone for a few minutes, feel free to stay in the room.

Aathi’s eyes opened to the surrounding of his parents along with Bala and his family. A sense of urgency surged as he noticed the monitoring system connected to his fingers, along with the blood flowing to his arm revitalizing his life. He became uneasy and unaware of what was going on. But as his mother stroked his head, he calmed down trying to understand what had happened just as Dr. Natalie walked through the doors holding a few more reports.

“Look who is finally awake, can you tell me your name?” questioned the doctor.

“Aathi Senthil,” responded Aathi.

“Good! Do you recognize a few people in the room?” She asked.

Aathi took a few seconds to react, but slowly listed the individuals in the room. After a night of horror, the family was finally able to bare a smile to their face. Aathi answered a few questions about his past without any real hesitation, things were definitely looking good.

Dr. Natalie looking up towards Aathi’s mother said, “Some good signs mom, keep on smiling.”

A relieved family stood around a confused young man before heading out as he began to close his eyes. Things were not looking as bad as expected, yet there was an uneasy feeling to everything working out so well.

A few hours passed, and Aathi was starting to wake up. The same uneasy feeling, unable to comprehend where he was. Not able to understand why he was plugged to a monitoring system. This time around, no one was in his room with him. Panic his initial reaction as he started to fling things around. A team of nurses surged into the room to apprehend him, Aathi fought back for a bit, but eventually, they were able to regain control.

“He just started to get wild doc, we thought he was progressing fine,” said a nurse.

“There it is, he seems to have a reset of his memories once he wakes up from his sleep.” responded Dr. Natalie as she gazed upon a nervous Aathi staring directly at her.

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