Yaavagam Illati Enna (Preview)

The bright sunlight consumes the room as Aathi wakes from his slumber. He extends his arm out and looks around his room to notice that something seems a bit off. Things are not where he last remembers leaving them. His hands draw towards his head in confusion, and something is most certainly wrong. He rubs the back of his head all around to feel stubble.

What on Earth.

Aathi rushes towards the mirror set around the corner of his room and shouts, “Oh my god!” He knows that he has blacked out when drinking in the past, but why doesn’t his head hurt. His stomach isn’t turning, and he feels fine, yet he cannot recollect a single memory of the night before. Nothing was adding up, but he noticed a little post-it note stuck to the top right corner of the mirror writing, “Go in the living room, and turn on the tv.”

Just as the bedroom did, things in the living room aren’t in the same place Aathi’s memory recollects them being. Aathi feels curious towards to this different feeling of knowing but not knowing. Things are not in the areas he left them, but he knows everything in the room belongs to him. He is definitely in his home, but it seems like he has been away for a while. Aathi continues to wander around his condo trying to reflect but eventually takes a seat on his couch and turn on the tv.

Must be weird seeing yourself on tv, I knew I had to be the one to record this because it will probably seem like a prank coming from anyone else. About a year ago, while I was out celebrating my birthday, a little scuffle broke out, and I had some severe injuries to my head. As a result of it, I am not able to create new memories; a case of anterograde amnesia. Every morning I wake up not able to remember what may have happened, even if I wake up from a nap. A quick twenty-minute nap, I can’t understand what happened right before that. Oddly enough I do remember people before this incident; I remember how to do things, I remember where I live. But it does kind of suck, and I will never get to meet new people, I probably can’t travel anymore, I guess I can never learn anymore either. A life without memories, what will that look like a few years from now. Tried to be informative with this video instead I know I’m making things seem sad.

Aathi paused the video, questioning the possibility of not being able to remember anything. He remembers waking up just a few moments ago. It was utter disbelief the fact that he can’t recall any new memories of events before falling asleep. He bowed his head to the floor for a moment before resuming the video.

But here it is. From the moment I wake up my memories reset. I will be able to recollect every thought of that day until I fall asleep. Often, I find myself scared to fall asleep because I don’t want to lose some memories. I’ll end up staying up until 4 am doing god knows what, but eventually, my body will let me know I am tired. Now the next step is to reset this video to the beginning because I will ultimately need to see this tomorrow morning. After that is complete, head over to the bedroom and grab the phone on the table top and give Bala a call. Make sure the phone is placed back in that location when going to sleep.

An abnormal start to a morning, but it must be seeing himself in the video. Aathi knows something is wrong with him. After rewinding the video to the beginning, he turns off the tv and heads back into his room to give Bala a call.

“Bala,” speaks Aathi softly into his phone.

“Good morning cousin, I guess you’ve watched the video,” responded Bala laughing into the phone.

“Dude, I have a buzzcut,” reacted Aathi.

“I know, I know. I’m going to text you an address. Get dressed and meet me there,” said Bala.

Aathi had a few more question he wanted to be answered then and there, but Bala hung up right away. Aathi started to get ready to head out and shortly came the message of the location Bala said he would send.

Aathi made his way downstairs, hailed a cab and got in.

“Surprised you don’t use Uber young man,” said the cab driver.

“What’s an Uber?” Questioned Aathi.

“I guess there is some hope for us after all,” laughed the driver.

Aathi didn’t respond to an odd gesture from the driver. Instead, he remained quiet until he arrived outside a building in a busy neighbourhood downtown.

He paid the cab driver and stepped out to see a bar named “TAT” and thought to himself this piece of shit Bala called me out to drink in the morning. Aathi knew Bala had done weird things, and god knows the more bizarre stuff he has possibly done in the past few months that he can’t remember. But he continued and walked into the bar anyways.

“Bala, I’m here,” shouted Aathi into an empty bar. It was starting to seem more like a setup, but Aathi knows he can trust his cousin with his life.

“Come to the back,” responded Bala.

With a confusing day already on hand, Aathi knows there isn’t much to lose. Aathi walked through the back door and saw Bala standing by two kegs.

“Well don’t just stand there, help me,” said Bala.

“Dude are we robbing this place?” Aathi questioned.

“No, don’t be crazy. We own it.” Responded Bala.

This day could not get weirder, but oddly enough Aathi realizes he probably has had this same thought, at the same time every single day.

Alright, brother, I don’t want to upset you by going through the events that got us to this moment. I think we had a ton of those conversations at the very beginning and it wasn’t doing any good for you. Us starting this bar is something we have always wanted to do, I am sure your memory recalls that part. It will allow you to work your schedule, in case you knock out I’ll be here to back you up. Besides almost everyone that walks through those doors can’t remember the events of their last day either. So, it’ll be like you aren’t the only one.

A bit of a wild guy, but Bala always looks out for Aathi, and he knew it. Aathi didn’t question anything. Instead, he started to help his cousin prepare for the opening. Keeping busy with a few of the primary duties is all that allowed Aathi to feel normal. He began to understand it was better for him to deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

“So, you haven’t asked about Preethi,” shouted Bala from across the room.

“Holy fuck, I forgot. How do I forget having a girlfriend?” Responded Aathi.

“Bro don’t sweat. She left you months ago unable to deal,” Bala replied.

Aathi starred at Bala from across the room. A pin drop silence filled the space. Preethi was Aathi’s longest relationship, and she left him, all because she couldn’t deal with the fact, he can’t create new memories. She just upright decided to abandon him, during a time where her support was needed most. Aathi took a seat on a chair next to him, held his hands up in the air and shouted, “Fuck yes!”

“Never get old,” chuckled Bala.

Aathi unable to hold his excitement finally got the break he was hoping for all day. The news of a girlfriend abandoning you after finding out you have anterograde amnesia must be devastating. Not for Aathi who’s last memory of his girlfriend was wondering how to leave her. He fell in love with her thinking of who she might be, but as time passed, he realized they aren’t a compatible pair. Not only did he know that, but he realized it gets harder to break up with someone after dating for so long. Preethi was beautiful, but her sole intentions meant Aathi gave up everything for her and he was not for it at all.

“Maybe this amnesia thing isn’t too bad after all,” laughed Aathi.

After finally hearing some good news, Aathi got into the groove of his day knowing the one dark factor in his life is in his past now. He smiled away while pouring a pint of beer for an early customer as a group of individuals walked through the doors.

Just seconds ago, Aathi couldn’t help but smile learning his relationships in the past. Moments later just as his feet began to touch the ground, storming through the front doors came his past ready to set course his future — a beautiful young woman, with a smile that’ll turn a few heads in any room. Coincidentally the love of Aathi’s life.

Aathi ducked down behind the counter.

“Dude my beer!” Shouted the customer who watched as Aathi fell to the ground with his glass of beer in hand.

“Aathi is that you,” said a voice he thought he would never hear again.

Aathi started to stand up, and immediately lost all his thoughts lost in her eyes.

“Di-di-di,” stuttered Aathi.

“Here let me help you; it’s me Diya,” she responded smiling back.

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